Who We Are and What We Do

"The training in restorative practices from IBARJ has enabled us to transform and strengthen the relationships between adults and youth. Staff report such positive responses when using circles in their classrooms and with students. The students trained by IBARJ were excited about a new way to use their voice, and used the social discipline window to analyze how adults and youth interact at their school. We have staff asking for more training!"
Sandy Crawford, Project Director, Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative Alton Community Unit School District # 11

Services Provided

The Illinois Balanced and Restorative Justice Project provides many services that support the expansion of Restorative Practices. IBARJ is able to offer training rates for government entities, businesses, schools and non-profits. Please contact us for more information about our services.

Service Description Who

Restorative Practices Training

  • Up-to-date training in Restorative Practices such as Circles, Conferencing, Peer Juries, and BARJ principles
  • Overview of Restorative practices use in Communities and/or Schools
  • Continuing education training and updates for practitioners and trainers
  • Training of Trainers
  • Professional Development
  • Community and justice system organizations, i.e. probation offices
  • School staff and administrators
  • Social Service providers
  • Families (parents & youth)
  • Practitioners and trainers of Restorative practices

Sustainability & Community Development

  • Hosting conversations that help stakeholders collaborate to achieve self-organization, focused problem-solving, and ownership of lasting Restorative responses to youth issues
  • Providing up-to-date educational opportunities, guidance, and training in facilitation techniques such as Art of Hosting1 that further community engagement and co-creation of responses to youth-related issues
  • Training and facilitation techniques include:
    • World Caf√©
    • Appreciative Inquiry
    • Open Space Technology
    • Circles
  • Communities and groups of stakeholders
  • Organizations
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Youth-focused groups
  • Practitioners and trainers of Restorative practices
  • Non-profits


Curriculum Development

  • Collaborating with experts to maintain ongoing curriculum development for statewide trainings and public use
  • Creating and customizing curricula for trainings in Restorative practices and philosophies, specific to target audience and training time available
  • Training topics include:
    • Circles (Peace, Healing, Organizational, etc.)
    • Conferencing
    • Peer Juries
    • RJ 101
    • Victim Impact Panels
    • Victim/Offender Dialogue
  • Communities and community groups
  • Judicial systems
  • Organizations
  • Practitioners and trainers of Restorative practices
  • ¬†Schools


Technical Assistance

  • Coaching and follow-up support for previously trained individuals and groups
  • Coaching and support for BARJ practitioners and trainers seeking updated information
  • Communities and groups
  • Organizations
  • Practitioners and trainers of Restorative practices
  • Schools

Research & Evaluation

  • Statewide leadership in data collection, measurement, and evaluation procedures regarding Restorative practices
  • Creating and customizing evaluation methods for specific populations
  • Training and technical assistance for individuals and groups implementing these evaluation procedures
  • Communities and groups
  • Organizations
  • Practitioners and trainers of Restorative practices
  • Schools

Consulting & Policy Development

  • Supporting organizations and other entities that need to update their policies to reflect Restorative practices
  • Clearinghouse services
    • Providing up-to-date information surrounding BARJ practices in IL and elsewhere, including research, program successes and challenges, legislative changes, stories, etc.
  • Community organizations
  • Juvenile Justice Councils
  • School districts
  • Other organizations
  • All parties seeking current information on Restorative practices in Illinois and elsewhere