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Cook County

Adler School of Professional Psychology: Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice
Attn: Elena Quintana
17 North Dearborn Street
Chicago, IL  60602

The Adler School of Professional Psychology will engage both its Chicago and Vancouver campuses in research as to how restorative justice practices have been implemented in courts, schools, and society at large. This research will allow an international comparison to be made and will provide outcome measures and recommendations. The Institute also runs violence prevention programs in the Juvenile Detention Center and Cook County Jail that both implement restorative practices, such as circles, and educate participants on restorative justice.

Alliance Building Inc.
Attn: Pam Purdie

Oak Park, IL  

Creating effected allies through Human connections - using Diversity awareness and Restorative Justice practices.

Alliance of the Southeast
Attn: Amalia Nieto Gomez, Luis Orozco

Chicago, IL  
Luis: 562-644-4895
amalia@asechicago.org, luis@asechicago.org

Alliance of the Southeast has launched GRACE – Groups Responding with Another Chance and Education – a comprehensive strategy for restorative justice in the South Chicago neighborhood of the 4th Police District. Working in partnership with Cook County Juvenile Courts Probation and Diversion Divisions and the 4th District Police Department, we have already won some major victories – increasing community/police collaboration in youth sentencing, and ensuring increased community service and counseling in those sentences. Jail and juvenile detention centers can be traumatizing places for youth offenders. Many enter the system and find it difficult to get out. Meanwhile, studies have shown that community service and counseling sentences have dramatic effects to reduce recidivism rates for young people, while providing them with the skills, connections, mentors, and support they need to reintegrate successfully into their neighborhoods. Through ASE’s GRACE Program for Restorative Justice, youth offenders can now be sentenced to community service with the following partner organizations: Alliance of the Southeast Our Lady of Guadalupe Church Claretian Associates Bush Homeowners and Tenants Association 10th Ward Alderman John Pope’s Office Deliver Us from Evil Multicultural Center South Chicago Art Center This approach will affect dozens of at risk juvenile offenders per year, and reduce overall the predominance of youth violence in South Chicago.

Alternatives, Inc.
Attn: Hope Lassen
4730 N. Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL  60640

We practice and train in the following BARJ practices: Peer jury, peer mediation, peer conferencing, circles. We primarily serve the youth in the Chicago Public Schools and receive referrals from Teachers, disciplinarians, counselors and other youth.

Austin Coming Together
Attn: Andrew Born

Chicago, IL  

All young people in Austin will be prepared for post-secondary success by 2025. In 2015 we are assessing and engaging the community to create a long-term plan that builds on our existing assets to more effectively address issues that impact post-secondary success. Our plan will address the following issue areas- Safe and Restorative Community Health and Development on Track Supportive and Supported Families Quality Out of School Options Effective Teaching and Learning Our Accomplishments- Building shared leadership around Austin’s Young people- ACT supports the work of the Austin Community Action Council, the Austin Coalition for Youth Justice, the Austin Coalition for Healthy Lifestyles, and the Austin Peace Builders. Engaging the Community- We assisted the Austin Coalition for Youth Justice hold their 2014 Spring Break Conference, engaging over 125 young people prepare for summer employment. Strategic Action ACT has assisted the Austin Coalition for Youth Justice leverage limited resources to provide Restorative Justice training to over 50 community members and front line staff in youth-serving organizations. ACT represents Austin on the Right on Justice Steering Committee, an effort to advance change in Chicago schools, communities, and justice systems that will reduce crime, its human and economic costs, and the disproportionate representation of yough and communities of color in Illinois’ justice system.

Blocks Together
Attn: Cecile Carroll

Chicago, IL  

It is critical to give our youth the resources and opportunities to engage as citizens in the fight for justice. The Blocks Together Youth Council is the youth organizing arm of Blocks Together and is open to youth that live or go to school in West Humboldt Park. BT youth lead campaigns for policies and practices that create safer learning environments without pushing youth out into the hands of the criminal justice system. They stand together against the school-to-prison pipeline evidenced by the police processing center located in the local high school, metal detectors and surveillance cameras, police officers assigned to patrol inside the school, zero tolerance policies that result in some of the highest rates for suspension and expulsions at our schools, and the lack of resources for failing schools. The BT youth council has been at the forefront of the push for and development of innovative Restorative Justice approaches in Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and is a member of the Dignity in Schools Campaign challenging the national school pushout crisis. Achievements: -Created interactive Know Your Rights workshops for youth by youth on school discipline and policing. -Won the public release of school-based arrest rates in 2006. -Won the replacement of Zero Tolerance language with Restorative Justice language in CPS discipline code through informal coalition of restorative justice advocates citywide in 2007. -Won commitment from CPS office of Safety and Security to pilot our restorative justice training for security guards in 2010. -Won commitment from Orr High School to refer cases of minor misconduct to the BT trained Peer Jury instead of suspension in 2011. -Partnered with Cameron Elementary to build model of whole-school approach to Restorative Justice 2012. -Won the decrease of maximum out-of-school suspensions in CPS from 10 days down to five days through the High HOPES campaign in 2012.

Chicago Police Department
Attn: Larry Sachs

Chicago, IL  


In partnership with the Chicago Department of Family Support Services and the Southwest Youth Collaborative, the Chicago Police Department runs a restorative community service program for youth referred from local schools and law enforcement. Participants practice restorative circles with their families, victims, and others impacted by their actions. Participants develop an understanding of the effects of their behaviors and are given the opportunity to carry out restitution through community service. The program serves approximately 50 young people per year on a long-term basis.

Christian Fenger Academy High School
11220 South Wallace Street
Chicago, IL  60628


Fenger HS has demonstrated that restorative practices create positive changes not only for youth, but also for the entire school culture. Serving as Culture & Climate Coordinator since 2009, Robert has worked with administration to create a Peace Room and to implement restorative practices such as Peace Circles and Family Group Conferencing that involves parents. Arrests have gone down drastically, from 375 in 2009 to 38 in 2011.

Chrysalis Community Center
Attn: Raegan Bricks
P.O. Box 203
Park Forest, IL  60466

Circles and Ciphers
Attn: Ethan Ucker

Rodgers Park, IL  


Community Justice for Youth Institute
Attn: Ora Schub
Chicago, IL  60616

Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, Juvenile Division
Attn: Juvenile Justice Division
1100 S. Hamilton Avenue
Chicago, IL  
(312) 433-7000


The Juvenile Justice Bureau has embraced the principles of BARJ and the philosophy that justice is measured not by how much punishment is meted out. Rather, we believe justice is served by how much harm to the victim and community is repaired and how much accountability is instilled in, and competencies are developed in, the minor offender. The Bureau led the way in making BARJ the law in Illinois by amending the purpose and policy clause of Juvenile Court Act to include BARJ language. The bureau has spearheaded the process in which first-time or non-violent offenders are diverted from the court process into community-based restorative justice programs.

DePaul School for New Learning
Attn: Elizabeth Vastine
1 E. Jackson
Chicago, IL  60604


Evanston Police Department: Youth Services Bureau
Attn: Arica Barton

Evanston, IL  

Offering Peace Circles and Family Group Conferencing

Evanston Township High School Peer Jury Program
Attn: Anna Landmeier
1600 Dodge Avenue
Evanston, IL  60201

ETHS offers alternative to suspension programs that utilize restorative justice practices.

FUTURE Foundation Youth Services
Attn: Emir Hardy or Kathryn Rayford
1628 Drexel Avenue
Ford Heights, IL  60411
emirhardy@future-foundation.org or krayford@future-foundation.org

We practice Group Conferencing, Circles, Victim/Offender Mediation and in addition to this, we offer academic enrichment, recreation/cultural activities, life skills, parental involvement, mentoring, and dinner. We focus on youth age 8 – 17 and get referrals from School District #206, Ford Heights Police Department, and our after-school program.

Governors State University
Attn: Joao Salm
1 University Parkway
University Park, IL  60466


We teach several undergraduate courses in community and restorative justice; one course is in mediation and conferencing, with a practicum. Also, we offer occasional training and workshops for the general public.

Harmony Chicago
Attn: Mashaun Hendricks

Chicago, IL  
Direct: (773) 908-7002

Provides workshops, trainings, and retreats on Restorative Justice

Healing Empowering Learning Professionals LLC
Attn: Scott L. Witherspoon
1525 E 53rd Street, Suite 425
Chicago, IL  60615


Homewood Flossmoor Peer Jury Program
Attn: Kathryn Rayford
17950 Dixie Highway
Homewood, IL  60430

The Homewood Flossmoor Peer Jury Program is based at the Homewood Police Department and focuses on young offenders from the communities of Homewood and Flossmoor, as well as out-of-town youths who have offended in these communities. Volunteer jurors from multiple schools come together to work with their peers who have committed harms in their communities. Victims are always invited to participate in cases, and the young offenders take part in deciding on the outcomes. Often, the Peer Jury will assign community service projects that match the offenders' interests, so as to promote real engagement with the community and possibly a lasting interest in service. The primary goal of the Peer Jury is to encourage young people to take responsibility for themselves, rather than relying on others in their lives to take responsibility for them. In addition to these cases, the Homewood Flossmoor Peer Jury Program organizes victim impact workshops, monthly circles, and circle trainings for those interested in learning more about restorative justice.

Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority
Attn: Jessica Reichert
300 W. Adams, Suite 200
Chicago, IL  60606

ICJIA Mission Statement: Created in 1983, the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority is a state agency dedicated to improving the administration of criminal justice.

John Marshall Law School
Attn: Judge Sheila Murphy

Chicago, IL  


Retired Judge Sheila Murphy and Michael Seng are teaching RJ to law students, as well as providing opportunities to students to work with youth in the Englewood neighborhood.

Judge Martha Mills
Attn: Judge Mills

, IL  


Advocate and supporter of RJ

Judge Sophia Hall
Attn: Michelle Day
1100 S. Hamilton
Chicago, IL  


Judge Hall convenes a RJ committee twice a year at the Juvenile court. She is an advocate, practitioner and supporter for RJ in the community, courts and schools.

Juidth El-Amin Mediation Services
Attn: Judith A. El-Amin
8500 South Wolcott Avenue
Chicago, IL  60620

Interested in working with neighborhood groups using my skills. My husband is President of the North Beverly Association, which is looking to collaborate with other neighborhood groups. More experience as a Mediator through Center for Conflict Resolution in the Cook County Court System working a Juvenile Diversion Program, Housing Court and Small Claims.

Lawndale Christian Legal Center
Attn: Cliff Nellis
1530 S. Hamlin Avenue
Chicago, IL  60623

Our mission is to come alongside youth and young adults, age 24 and younger, who live in North Lawndale and are involved in the juvenile and adult criminal courts. Through quality legal representation, compassionate social health services, and one-on-one mentoring, our mission is to help our youth and young adults become good citizens and leaders of our community.

Lawrence Hall Youth Services

, IL  


Linda Cooper M.A. CAE
Attn: Linda Cooper
10630 S. Church Street
Chicago, IL  60643
773.383.1890 cell

As a restorative practices trainer, I collect qualitative data from those I have trained. Once they begin using the practices I interview them to document their stories on what happened when they used restorative practices. I use Relationship-building circles, conflict circles, group conferencing but mostly train others to become practitioners of those restorative practices. My sphere of work is mostly schools and community, not criminal justice contexts.

Mansfield Institute for Social Justice and Transformation at Roosevelt University
Attn: Nancy Michaels
430 S. Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL  60605

"The Mansfield Institute for Social Justice and Transformation, gives Roosevelt University a unique opportunity to develop an integrated program of curriculum, research, and outreach focused on social justice issues through which students will develop into socially conscious leaders. We create and facilitate scholar activism among our students, faculty and members of our community, through a pedagogy of transformational learning, social justice programming, and action. Our specific focus is on dismantling the cradle to prison pipeline. This pipeline is a result of long standing racial, social, economic and political inequalities in America and works to funnel poor children of color toward incarceration instead of hope and productive adulthood. Within our current neoliberal economic order in which funding is shifting away from programs that address human need toward private industry, we see a growing list of risk factors that undermine the youths’ life chances."

MYSI, Corporation formerly known as Methodist Youth Services, Inc.
Attn: Toleda Hart, President/CEO

, IL  
773-840-4600 ext. 2224

MYSI practices balance and restorative justices via its Juvenile Justice Transitional Living Housing Program (TLP) located in Riverdale, Illinois. Our Clinical Team and Advocacy Coordinator provides educational services to parenting and non-parenting females and males whose age range from 17 to 24 who have been adjudicated as delinquents and are currently on parole/probation. Each individual in the program are required to participate in weekly peace circles where they can process and gain an understanding as to how their actions have negatively impacted their lives, the victims, often their families and the community. The primary goals of this program is to reduce the reoffending rate for the program participates. In addition, to teaching them how to mend those relationships, while assisting them to acquire favorable coping mechanism that will aide them to lead productive lives as they transition back into their community of origin.

Nehemiah Trinity Rising
Attn: Michelle Day
1803 W. 95th Street
Chicago, IL  60643
Cell: 312-852-8520

We are a faith based agency building community through restorative justice. Concentrating on circles and conferencing in schools, churches and community, RJ education and training and wholistic implementation and re-entry for returning citizens Mission: To create an Avalanche of ever-increasing numbers of people with knowledge and passion about the benefits of using restorative justice practices in transforming conflict in schools and communities.

New Trier Township Peer Jury Program
Attn: Brian Leverenz
739 Elm Street
Winnetka, IL  60093

OMNI Youth Services
Attn: Carlos Rodriguez
1111 W. Lake Cook Rd
Buffalo Grove, IL  60089

OMNI offers a wide variety of programming in the areas of juvenile justice, counseling, substance abuse, family preservation, adventure therapy, and more. From first-time offenders to habitual offenders, youth leave OMNI with life skills that help them turn their lives around. By emphasizing accountability, the reconciliation of past wrongs, community safety, and the development of emotional, social and cognitive skills, OMNI's juvenile justice programs help youth develop the skills necessary to make better life choices. OMNI believes the best way to make positive change in adolescents is by encouraging them to learn through their actions. OMNI offers hands-on challenges with a treatment approach know as "experiential therapy", which connects learning experience with the development of skills for life. OMNI offers a variety of counseling services, each designed with the client's specific needs in mind. Family involvement is strongly encouraged and critical to the overall success of treatment.

Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation
Attn: David Kelly
5114 S. Elizabeth Street
Chicago, IL  60609

Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation recognizes and reaches out to those who are affected by violence. Through restorative practices, PBMR accompanies those who are harmed as well as those who are the cause of harm and seeks reconciliation and peace through collaborative efforts. PBMR focuses on court-involved youth as well as families who have experienced loss of a loved one to violence. The Ministry provides a community reconciliation center that engages community members in peacemaking circles to promote healing, and it offers open circles on Wednesday nights to young people with court involvement. PBMR also facilitates a mentoring program and a restorative art program that emphasizes visual arts, theater, and creative writing as restorative tools.

Prevent School Violence Illinois- Statewide
Attn: Sarah Schriber
180 N. Michigan Ave., Ste 1220
, IL  

Through a process of school climate transformation, Prevent School Violence Illinois (PSVI) partners with schools and stakeholders to, together, to create the conditions for effective learning and healthy development that prepare young people to thrive socially, emotionally, and academically and achieve future successes in all aspects of their lives. PSVI's approach to school climate transformation is Comprehensive School Transformation (CST). CST is The CST approach is grounded in the practice of social and emotional skill building, which can establish a culture of respect for all members of the school community and provide tools for effectively negotiating conflict. Six domains of effective school practice are built off that foundation: stakeholder engagement, policy advocacy and implementation, data-informed decision making, professional development, student supports and services, and restorative discipline. The CST approach advocates that schools adopt restorative discipline practices because we know that zero tolerance policies are inequitably applied and do more harm than good by removing students from their classrooms and their schools.

Restorative Justice Evanston
Attn: Susan Garcia Trieschmann

Evanston, IL  

Restorative Strategies
Attn: Robert Spicer
8154 S. Michigan
Chicago, IL  60619

The mission of Restorative Strategies is to empower people in the practices of Restorative Justice by providing training and to develop leaders in these practices.

Roberto Clemente Community Academy Second Chance Committee
Attn: Gloria Hampton
1147 North Western Avenue
Chicago, IL  60622

Save Another Life
Attn: Sarita Villarreal

Chicago, IL  

Advocate for families and victims of homicides. Trained facilitators in all RJ practices offer training in Cook County for both Spanish and English speakers.

Stone Soup Project
Attn: Sara Balgoyen

6th Municipal District, IL  


IBARJP has been working in the south suburbs to build sustainable restorative practices in communities and schools. This project innovatively encourages local leadership and partnership and brings out the hidden resources in communities.

Stone Vastine Group
Attn: Elizabeth Vastine

, IL  


Education, training and consulting in restorative practices; circle keeping for families, communities, institutions, organizations and work places.

Umoja Student Development Corporation
Attn: Ilana Zafran
2935 West Polk Street, Room 116
Chicago, IL  60612

Umoja Student Development Corporation was formed in 1997 to link the educational efforts of Manley Career Academy High School to the broader community and to serve as an advocate for young people. Umoja began piloting Restorative Justice at Manley in 2009-10, including a peer jury program, the use of circles, and the creation of a "Peace Room" for conflict resolution. Overall, Umoja works to promote a school-wide Restorative culture, and its practitioners have found that Umoja's mission of developing holistic relationships aligns well with the BARJ philosophy.

Urban Life Skills
Attn: Matt DeMateo
Chicago, IL  


Youth Organizations Umbrella, Inc. (Y.O.U)
Attn: Leah Seligman
1027 Sherman Avenue
Evanston, IL  60202

Y.O.U. is a youth development agency that provides services and leadership to meet the emerging needs of young people and their families in our community. It is our goal that all young people acquire the skills, self-confidence, and opportunity to participate fully, freely, and responsibly in the life of the community. We offer a holistic set of services – from afterschool enrichment and mentoring to clinical counseling and crisis intervention – to ensure that out-of-school time is safe, healthy, and fun.

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